Tech News: Data and Artificial Intelligence in the Covid-19 crisis
If big data is combined with AI, it becomes a powerful tool that could assist in limiting the spread of a disease.
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WATCH: Rand falls to its weakest level as concerns of global recession grip markets
Get the latest market update and top stories from our newsrooms across South Africa, Africa and the world.
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Sasol becomes a big beneficiary of rise in crude, as deal in price war beckons
The shares of MTN Group and Sasol muscled higher on the JSE yesterday.
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Moody's changes Formula One's outlook to negative
Moody's did not rule out a full wipe-out of the season but said Formula One had the resources to withstand that eventuality.
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Anderson upbeat despite cancellation of grass-court season
South Africa’s Kevin Anderson has hailed the decision to cancel this year’s edition of Wimbledon - one of the four tennis Grand Slam events.
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WATCH: Eddie Jones has ‘unfinished business’ with England
Eddie Jones has decided to stay on as England coach through to the 2023 Rugby World Cup after concluding “the project hadn’t finished”.
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'Running Mann' going full ‘Iron Man’ in his own backyard
While many a runner is frustrated by the coronavirus-induced lockdown, Stuart Mann will do a full Home Ironman for charity in his backyard.
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Sharks have been ‘blown away’ by explosive Ox Nche
The Sharks' off-season investments are paying dividends, as the players they head-hunted in the off-season are performing week-in and week-out.
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Metro cops take down steel marquee for funeral ceremony after councillor grants permission
Yaganathan Pillay stuck to compliance forms at gunned-down son's 16-day ceremony, but cops were having none of it
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At least 1 million coronavirus cases worldwide
At least 1 million coronavirus cases were reported on Thursday, with infections in the United States totaling 240,000, accounting for 24% of cases worldwide.
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Coronavirus: Taverns continue to trade behind locked gates
In Ga-Rankuwa they are still operating while staff member keeps a lookout for SAPS and SANDF members who may be patrolling the area
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Malawi records first Covid-19 cases
Malawi has recorded its first three Covid-19 cases, joining other southern African countries which have imposed lockdowns to try and contain the rapid spread of the coronavirus.
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